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All pavement requires maintenance. Stresses from traffic, weather and moisture changes effects on our pavement. Regardless of the reason, without maintenance pavement deteriorates at a fast pace. Asphalt pavement adds value to a residential and commercial property and is an essential asset which must be maintained.

Maintenance is the art of keeping pavement in full service, and there are several forms such as:

· Rejuvenation

· Cleaning

· Crack Sealing

· Asphalt Repairs

· Asphalt assessment

Allowing your pavement to have minor problems will grow into major ones. No customer liked to hit potholes or step into a puddle of water. Sun, rain and wind ages your pavement. Friction from tires rolling wears away the asphalt glues and line stripping. Sunlight oxidizes and draws all the essential oils which allows your pavement to break away. Water enters the lower layers of the pavement through cracks damaging the foundation which leads to potholes and failure. Some of the signs which indicate pavement wear are as follows:

· Fading color

· Oil spots

· Rough texture

· Missing aggregate

· Cracks

· Potholes

· Bird baths

The loss of color tells you that a significant amount of essential oils are lost. Motor oil harms the performance of the asphalt, which affects the pavement’s strength. Rough surfaces are an indication of raveling which will magnify by the amount of traffic and water from rain or sprinklers. Small cracks tell a lot about your pavement’s condition. Cracks allow water to enter and cause damage. Cracks will indicate signs of a serious problem requiring repairs and even replacement if not dealt with.

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